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Sensor Module

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is an untethered submerged platform that moves freely with some degrees of a self-sufficient task. The AUV navigates itself while carrying out a predefined task, and it has a locally available power supply and other devices such as sensors and actuators.

This Module Measures Various parameters like Voltages, Current Consumption, Temperature and Pressure inside and outside of AUV

Electrical Specifications

32MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM.
Temperature Sensor (RTD) & Pressure Sensor (0 to 2 Bar)
8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter (14 bit, +/- 10V input) Interface with Signal Conditioning Circuit and low pass filter
2 Channel RS232/RS422/RS485 Interface
Operating -40 C to +85 C Storage -40C to +125C