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Programmable Pulse Generator

In spacecraft propulsion System, Solenoid valves, Pyro Valves are used for control of propellants. Various types of solenoid valves are to be rigorously tested for their performance and various parameters have to be monitored in ground test facilities.

These tests could be categorized as,

Ø  Technology Development Tests

Ø  Performance Mapping Qualification Tests

Ø  Life Endurance Test and

Ø  Flight Acceptance Test

To facilitate the conduct of these sophisticated tests, to ensure the operational reliability and to tremendously improve the overall productivity of the test facility/operating personnel and to evaluate test parameters, a programmable Pulse Generator is required for testing of Solenoid Valves

Electrical Specifications

Settable from 1ms to 9999ms
Settable from 1ms to 9999ms
Settable from 1 to 999999
TTL Level Output
less than 10ns
Less than 0.1% of set time
Solenoid valve rated for 28 to 42Vdc, 3A Electro-Mechanical Counter rated for 12Vdc, 0.2A
6-digit Electro-Mechanical Counter with reset facility and 6-digit LED display to count at high speeds
To Initiate and Terminate the Pulse Count
LCD display with keypad as User Interface for configuration/operation