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The PIP710 is an IndustryPackcompatible module providing 16 digital outputs configured as high side switch with galvanic isolation via optocouplers. The PIP710 directly controls up to 16 lines of all kinds of resistive, capacitive and inductive loads.  The outputs are capable of driving 1A continuous per channel at an external supply voltage of 6V to 48V.

All outputs resist short-circuits and are protected against thermal overload. After power-on or reset all channels are in the off state. A hardware watchdog clears all outputs in case of trigger failure.

Electrical Specifications

Single Size Industry Pack Logic Interface Compliant to ANSI/VITA4 -1995
Format 1
Used without wait states
8 MHz
16 Digital Outputs
Optocouplers for galvanic isolation to logical interface, all channels share the same power supply and ground
24V DC typical, 6V DC minimum, 48V DC maximum
1A maximum
Overload, short circuit, GND and Vbb open wire protection, thermal shutdown
50-conductor flat cable
Operating -40 C to +85 C Storage -40C to +125C