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cPCI DIO Module

An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a robotic device that is driven through the water by a propulsion system, controlled and piloted by an onboard computer, and maneuverable in three dimensions. This level of control, under most environmental conditions, permits the vehicle to follow precise preprogrammed trajectories wherever and whenever required. Sensors on board the AUV sample the ocean as the AUV moves through it, providing the ability to make both spatial and time series measurements. 

   This Module is part of the Onboard Computer system responsible for reading Sensors Data through ADC inputs , accessible to onboard Computer through VxWorks Drivers.

Electrical Specifications

PCI Rev 2.1 complaint. 33 MHz/32 bit PCI, 5V PCI signalling voltage
16 Digital Opto Isolated TTL inputs
32 Digital Opto Isolated TTL outputs
3U form factor, CPCI conduction cooling type board
PCI 9030 (PLX Technology)
Lattice FPGA XP2 Family
Standard cPCI J1 and J2 Connectors
ESD and Over Voltage Protection for each Line
VxWorks 6.3 and Higher
MIL- STD- 461C.
Sweep rate 3 to 5 min sine wave, 1 to 30 Hz Non- operation.
30G / 60msec.
95% Non- Condensing
10G RMS for 1 min in all directions
+55C for 8hrs
-10C for 8hrs