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test automation

Test automation is a process of writing a computer program to do testing that would otherwise need to be done manually. Once tests have been automated, they can be run quickly. This is often the most cost effective method for software products that have a long maintenance life, because even minor patches over the lifetime of the application can cause features to break which were working at an earlier point in time.

There are two general approaches to test automation:

  • Code-driven testing, The public (usually) interfaces to classes, modules, or libraries are tested with a variety of input arguments to validate that the results that are returned are correct.
  • Graphical user interface testing, A testing framework generates user interface events such as keystrokes and mouse clicks, and observes the changes that result in the user interface, to validate that the observable behavior of the program is correct.

Business Challenges

The challenges faced have been highlighted below :

  • Consider automated test scripts as part of an application's configuration set.
  • Involve the prospective test automation SCM person in evaluating test tools and their respective test management offerings.
  • Investigating the use of existing tools, if required update as per the client requirement.
  • Trace your automated test scripts to functional requirements and defects.

Do You Know ?

When to Enhancement a Product?
Lookin into the market requirements and specific modification as per the trends and technoloy upgrades..


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