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Pradham Technologies offer Protocol stack Development and Client server Programming. The Protocol development is realized using commercial or open Network/packet analysis tools.


Pradham’s Demonstrated Experience in Networking:

  • Protocol Stack Development
  • Client server programming
  • Embedded Web server
  • Driver interfaces for TCP/IP stack

Business Challenges

Using TCP/IP as a model, the sending application hands data to the transport layer, which breaks it up into the packets required by the network. It stores the sequence number and other data in its header. The network layer adds source and destination data in its header, and the data link layer adds station data in its header. On the other side, the corresponding layer reads and processes the headers and discards them. All the process of flow should meet with precise manner, which is a great challenge.


Communications between systems and devices are the cornerstone of modern computing. Do your products communicate as well as they could? Do your products interoperate with other complementary devices? Would your product benefit from additional networking and interoperability capabilities? YES here are the SOLUTIONS..

Do You Know ?

What is a Hub?
A hardware device that connects network components at a central location and transfers data between all of them.


  • Pradham uses latest tools and techniques
  • Pradham's comprehensive experience in Protocol and Drivers Development.
  • Our Project Management practices provide On-time delivery.